There are many things which can cause strain in a relationship. Money, family, house hunting, chores, and sex are a few of the most common reasons that couples might develop animosity toward one another. But sometimes your relationships can be damaged by what one person might see as a little thing: snoring. Some couples often have extra long days due their commutes, extra commitments at work, and having to attend extracurricular activities, which means the average person is already running a sleep deficit. If their sleep is further restricted by the snoring of their partner, it can easily become a major bone of contention in the relationship.

The important thing to remember if your partner is the one who snores is that often they do not even realize they are disturbing you and even if they do realize, they can't help it. It may not seem like it, but their snoring is detrimental to themselves as well, resulting in daytime drowsiness and increased risk of heart attacks and stroke. It can even be an indicator of a dangerous condition known as sleep apnea, where they may stop breathing entirely while they are asleep. Approximately one in fifteen people suffer from some form of sleep apnea, so it's more common than you may imagine. Learn more here.

Snoring is caused by obstructed air passageways, and there are many ways a person's passageways can become obstructed. Sometimes it's as simple as their sleep position - lying on their back is causing their tongue to drop into their throat. In this case, the problem can be solved by asking the snorer to roll over. Snoring caused by nasal obstruction (i.e. a stuffy nose) resulting from colds and allergies can also be easily connected by adhesive airway strips or by nasal sprays. Snoring can also be caused by drugs such as alcohol and muscle relaxants.

However, snoring can also be caused by more permanent physiological problems, such as fat buildup in the throat, throat weakness, tissues at the top of the airway touching one another, and of course sleep apnea. In cases like these, corrective surgery may be the only way to stop the snoring.

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